Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Femkeido Project: An Interior Design and Styling for an Attic

The owners of this asked me 2 things: To make an Interior Design for their attic, which is about 5 meters at the highest point and they asked me to style their livingroom. Above you can see an overview of the plan for the Attic I made. Soon we will be starting with the implementation of this project!
1. Orla Kiely wallpaper 2. Hay stoel 3. Bad 4. Plaid Hay 5. Kussen Hay 6. Kussen Tas-ka 7. Kussen Hay 8. Random Light Moooi 9. Bougie Kartel


  1. i adore your mood boards, and the way you present your ideas to your clients. so beautiful and easy to understand.