Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rotterdam is hot!

A big part of my teenage and study years I spent in Rotterdam. That were truly beautiful years. I left Rotterdam in 2001, when I moved to London. The last 7 years I haven't been around that much. Well... I do go to Rotterdam, to for example go to the zoo or go out for dinner, but I couldn't remember the last time I took the time to stroll around, visit a museum, that kind of stuff. Last Sunday, when we drove through Rotterdam to have a quick meal het Hotel NY after we visited the zoo, we drove past the new gorgeous Central Station and some other new buildings, that was when I felt it: Rotterdam is hot! Rotterdam is making a well deserved comeback. So that made me plan a last minute day out in Rotterdam yesterday. I didn't choose the best day, weather wise. But that is also someting what suits Rotterdam. A bit of rain belongs to its rawness. I parked my car at the P&R at the back of the Central Station (I know it sounds a bit weird to visit a station and drive to it by car but logistically it was easier to go by yesterday ;) Wow! That is what you could call a station! It so needed an update. It is truly beautiful, an architectual masterpiece. The hall with the huge wide screen and the simplicity, beautiful! I walked to Zomers. My favorite flower artists. If I weren't an Interior Designer, I definately did something with flowers. I followed my way to the Kunsthal, where I visited the Marimekko (very inpiring) and Shoes exhibitions. I bought some books at the old NAI (Now called the New Institute) and I had a cup of coffee with my friend Indra. I had some lunch at Bazar and strolled over the Witte de Withstraat. I followed my way towards the van Oldebarneveltstraat via Sissy Boy Homeland and ended my trip in De Bijenkorf It was a good day, I enjoyed it and will come back!


  1. Leuk om te lezen! Wij gaan zaterdag naar Rotterdam en bezoeken sowieso de Kunsthal, dus jouw blog brengt mij alvast op ideeën :-)

  2. Wat een leuke dag! En zie ik daar Donna Wilson knuffels :)?